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Empowering You Through Wealth Planning

Whether it is your family, your business or both, all the components of your life are connected. At Genex, we understand that, and we consider all of the different aspects of our client’s lives. Our mantra is: Details Matter! As a result, we consider your circumstances holistically, considering all the moving parts as we go through our planning process. As you might expect, we look at a client’s entire financial situation, but we look at so much more. When someone meets with Genex for the first time, they are often surprised by how much time we spend getting to know them, as individuals, as partners. What matters to them? What do they value? What are their dreams? What is meaningful in their life? Fears, Hopes and Desires; all of which are unique to each family and form the foundation of our planning process.

With broad knowledge of the client, coupled with their economic situation, we can draw on a wealth of our industry knowledge, resources and services to most effectively support them and empower them to live the life of their dreams.

Client Centered

As you enter through our “Red Door,” you embark on a journey of empowerment to achieve the life of your dreams. Our Wealth Consultants are honored to walk with our clients and to partner with their families and businesses on this journey. Think of our consultants as your business and the family’s quarterback in your wealth planning process. We look at your world and craft an integrated plan that works for you and helps you to achieve your goals. With areas of expertise in Financial Independence, Wealth Planning, Investment Planning, Business Succession, Risk Management and Executive Compensation, we are able to effectively bring to bear the knowledge, resources and insights you need that helps to empower you to realize your dreams.

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