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Our Purpose: Why We Exist

Client Centered

Our purpose is you: partnering with you; empowering you to make decisions that create the meaningful life of your dreams and the freedom to make decisions that are a reflection of your values. That means that everything we do starts with you, our client, in mind. Based on the individual needs of our clients, we offer holistic and comprehensive wealth planning services using a fee-based approach which gives us the permission to “slow down” and create a well thought out plan and strategy that comes before any type of products or implementation.

We are an independent, entrepreneurial, family first organization; a boutique firm that puts value on our Genex family and culture.  Each plan that we create with the client is unique to their individual wants and needs. We realize that the world is ever changing, fast paced, and competitive, but at Genex we stop and listen. We apply our deep knowledge and experience to your family, your business, your needs and your future. We offer the “Genex Way” to ensure that the client experiences personalized customer service and detailed organization of their affairs. We offer integrated solutions that are specific to you and we trust that you will see the value, both financially and as partners to your family and your business.