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The Red Door

The fraternity’s Red Door has served as an inspiration and focal point for Brian and Mike through their careers, and Chad has embraced the values that it represents: hard work, loyalty, and fortitude.

Our Story

The Red Door is symbolic of being open, of being welcomed, and of coming together. As these three friends create experiences to enhance the lives of others, they invite you to walk through the “Red Door” and consider the possibilities for yourself.

Our story was founded on friendship, support, encouragement, and a feeling of empowerment. Brian and Mike, two of the founders, first met in college at their fraternity, known for its red door. As they started their careers at Lincoln Financial, they connected and became good friends with Chad. The three of them bonded over shared interests, shared commitment and a strong work ethic fueled by “grit”. They were all driven by a common belief that client’s interest always come first. As their friendships deepened their careers grew, until they each decided to leave Lincoln Financial and forge their own paths. Mike and Brian founded Genex Consulting as Chad built Panoptic Wealth Advocates. Even while starting similar businesses, the three friends stayed close, including sharing office space along the way. In time, they realized that together they could build something greater and offer truly unique, client focused services. As a result, Chad and Panoptic Wealth Advocates became part of the Genex family in 2018.

Upon officially joining forces they began integrating ideas, combining processes, and brainstorming new concepts to increase the value of the client experience. They are looking toward the future and excited about the new chapters that they will write as strong leaders of their team. The story continues to evolve as the next generation of Wealth Consultants are growing their practices with the Genex approach towards wealth management and client service.

Our Name Says It All

Our Name Says It All

Genex is more than simply our name, it is who we are, it is what we do, and it is why we do it! It reflects our mission statement and is a combination of “Generation” and “Next.” Here is what that means to us:

“Generation” speaks to our understanding of various life stages. While there are many generations in a family, they are all connected. We understand and are honored to work with people of all ages, at varying life stages and their different needs. Because our approach is multigenerational, we are able to offer insights on how wealth planning for loved ones in one generation may impact previous generations and those still yet to come. We want to be a partner who understands your values; who empowers you to develop, achieve and live your vision that encompasses your family, your business and those that you care about through our wealth planning process.

"Next" challenges each of our team members to always look forward, to lead as the industry evolves, and to always strive to stay cutting edge. We believe in being proactive with each of our clients so that their wealth planning is always current and we are planning for your future together.

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