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Your Financial Roadmap

Bringing Your Entire Picture Together: One Piece at a Time

Who and what are meaningful in your life? Do you feel empowered to achieve your dreams and live your life to the fullest? Welcome to Genex, we invite you to open our “Red Door” to find your trusted partner for your life, well lived.

Let us show you how Genex can empower your dreams….

A New Approach to Wealth Management

Find Your Why

Our unique Process is designed to Discover Purpose for your wealth. Our approach starts with you; empowering you so that you can lead the meaningful life of your dreams and a freedom to experience your life to the fullest. Based on the individual needs of our clients, we offer holistic and comprehensive wealth planning services using a fee-based approach. Discover the purpose of your wealth!

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Our Team

Culture Is King

At Genex Consulting, we have many unique talents and abilities, but only one mission: to deliver a wealth planning experience that provides life changing clarity so our clients are free to experience their lives to the fullest.  We each have a role to play, and by working together, we believe we can accomplish great things.  

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